Investment Decision Support
ΣGO Investment Decision Support (IDS) is our flagship solution offering, developed to address a recognised need across industries for improved portfolio decision-making - both in Capital Works and IT - that is aligned with the organisation's strategy. This alignment will lead to better confidence in the successful execution of the organisation's strategy; a major challenge for most organisations. ΣGO Investment Decision Support (IDS) is a specific solution for portfolio decision-making that is delivered through a combination of Architecture consulting services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the optimisation engine. ΣGO IDS is complimentary with COTS Portfolio, Program and project solutions as it delivers functionality not provided elsewhere. The Business Architecture model within this solution aligns organisational elements such as strategies, goals and objectives with the outcomes provided by the change initiatives or projects within an organization's ICT or capital works portfolio. ΣGO IDS uses the elements of Business Architecture identified in blue in Figure 1. Business Architecture provides business transparency, allowing management teams to streamline planning, evaluate the value of funded initiatives against strategies, and develop more effective transformation roadmaps. ΣGO IDS supports several ways to optimise a portfolio: ΣGO IDS provides optimization based on the following parameters ΣGO IDS is evidenced based and can deliver repeatable results for the optimisation of portfolio investments. It clearly identifies all the assumptions that underpin the decision-making, ensuring total transparency for investment governance and audit requirements.
Benefits of IDS specifically for Government Departments and Agencies

Provides Treasury confidence in the department’s funding requests to deliver the modelled benefits

IDS provides transparency, defendability and accountability of the department's funding requests. IDS supports best practices such as the Investment Management Standard from the Victorian Government Department of Treasury and Finance by enabling the practical implementation of Investment Logic Mapping, which is an important process that underpins this standard. IDS therefore enables a level of rigour that will translate into Treasury's confidence to streamline the acceptance of the Department's funding requests.

Link departmental strategies into the model so that decisions are service driven

IDS is innovative as it is the first COTS product world-wide to support the concept of Enterprise Investment, which fully integrates important elements of business motivation such as strategies, initiatives, goals and objectives with the investments in change as represented by the portfolio. Combined with an advanced mathematical engine, it allows decision makers to make service driven decisions within a complex and rapidly changing environment.

Supports the P3M3 maturity model

IDS addresses each of the individual components of the P3M3 maturity model: Organisational Governance, Management Control, Benefits Management, Finance Management, Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Resource Management*

Solves capital budget prioritisation challenges

IDS prioritises the capital budget allocation across projects by maximising benefits within constraints (resources, dependencies etc), and aligning to strategic outcomes. IDS can achieve this as it incorporates an advanced mathematical engine that can directly address the intrinsic complexity associated with the capital budget allocation problem.

Improves certainty in service driven strategic management decision making

IDS provides a sophisticated portfolio scenario development environment, allowing C level executives to immediately see the impact of strategic decisions on the portfolio. The ability to quickly evaluate a range of complex portfolio scenarios in real-time empowers decision makers by improving the certainty of their decisions.